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Monday, 25 November 2013

More free-loading adventures

On our last night in Beechworth we practiced what our community gardens back home preach – free organic food for all!

We found the Beechworth community garden behind the community bookshop and the neighbourhood centre. We noticed the garden was very thirsty and as we were very hungry one of us unpacked our portable kitchen and started chopping into an enormous onion from the garden,

while another started watering all the bolting produce that really needed eating.

We found a BBQ in the shed and we compost-dived for a perfectly good red capsicum (sans some bruising).

We harvested broccoli, cauliflower, parsely and fennel from the garden,

added some beans, nuts and cheese that we'd bought at the local grocer, and cooked it all up on the community BBQ.

While waiting for dinner Woody got up to some new tricks:

Until, VOILA!

And did you know that the leaves and flowers from the viola family (violets, pansies etc) are edible?

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  1. I'm really enjoying your stories from the road. When I was cycle touring, I never considered foraging for food at community gardens...but of course you can! What a great idea! I guess the important thing is to give something back by watering/weeding while you are there.