Artist as Family practice a unique form of performance art. Performances comprise how we live, get our food and move around; performing low-carbon modes of life making. We invite you to contribute comments and share your own experiences and knowledges as we travel Australia by bicycle, skip on the greenwash and attempt to pioneer truly sustainable food and travel ways in an era of destabilising climate, ecological crises, economic contraction and energy powerdown.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Plus One

We've been busy with all kinds of things lately including the early designs of a food forest in Melbourne (deets to come..), but most significantly we thought we'd share the news that come springtime Artist As Family collective will have a brand new member.


  1. Can't Wait! I see a bicycle built for 4!

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  3. well then - I'll keep my eyes and ears out for more food forest news... I was in the wilds of neighbouring brogo this january planting a food forest at brogo permy gardens.... ahhhhhh good times (damn steep slope!)

    ps will the spring arrival be announced with trumpets?

  4. Congratulations lovely family! x