This year Artist as Family invite you into our home on weekends to learn simple permaculture life skills. From April 2015 come, learn and work with us as we sow, tend, harvest, forage and store ecologically produced food, keep a low-waste household, shed a significant reliance on the monetary economy, live car-free in a town with little public transport and a myriad other things that will help you transition from a high consumption society to a fairer, less polluting one. You can camp in our backyard for free, stay elsewhere or just come for a day. Each day per adult will cost $100, which includes a locavore lunch. Email us to book a date.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Plus One

We've been busy with all kinds of things lately including the early designs of a food forest in Melbourne (deets to come..), but most significantly we thought we'd share the news that come springtime Artist As Family collective will have a brand new member.


  1. Can't Wait! I see a bicycle built for 4!

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  3. well then - I'll keep my eyes and ears out for more food forest news... I was in the wilds of neighbouring brogo this january planting a food forest at brogo permy gardens.... ahhhhhh good times (damn steep slope!)

    ps will the spring arrival be announced with trumpets?

  4. Congratulations lovely family! x